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    Terms of Use for Oh Baby Forums


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    Terms of Use for Oh Baby Forums Empty Terms of Use for Oh Baby Forums

    Post by gonnatry4#2 on Mon Dec 07, 2009 6:50 pm

    Terms of Use for Oh Baby Forums

    COPYRIGHT : All content and graphics on Oh Baby is copyrighted and must not be duplicated without written permission beforehand.

    DISCLAIMER : The information on this web site is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of physicians or health care practitioners, nor is it intended to diagnose or prescribe treatment for any illness or disorder.

    YOUR PRIVACY IS IMPORTANT : None of your personal information, including e-mail address, will ever be divulged, sold or given to anybody. Oh Baby is a safe place to post and is completely private. Only registered members are able to view or post on this site. If you have suspicion that someone is not standing up to our privacy act please contact the us (the admin) and we will deal with the situation immediately.

    Oh Baby is designed to be a supportive, site for the Trying to Conceive, pregnant and mothers Community. Oh Baby will enforce these rules at its discretion to maintain its community standards and integrity.

    Please read the following guidelines carefully. Note that these rules applies to our forums, Private Message system, Chat room, Signature file, Polls, and Profile.

    To ensure that our Oh Baby forums realize their mission, we ask you to obey the following rules and guidelines:

    1. Tone and Respect:
    The tone on the Forums should be fully supportive. Please refrain from posting judgmental or hurtful topics or replies. All users deserve support and encouragement regardless of the choices they make. Oh Baby requires that all posters refrain from using profane language or any other language that, at Oh Baby sole discretion, is deemed false and/or defamatory, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, threatening, offensive, racist, invasive of a person's privacy, antagonistic or intentionally argumentative or otherwise objectionable. You agree not to engage in abuse, insults, slander, antagonism, name-calling, and ill-will directed towards other members, guides, moderators, staff and administrators or its service. Abuse reports are taken seriously to maintain a peaceful and supportive atmosphere. We reserve the right to revoke the access to our forums to anyone committing abuse or repeated offenses at our sole discretion with or without notice.

    2. Promotion of External Web Sites, Products, Services, etc.:

    Commercial postings of all kinds are prohibited. The selling of drugs, tests and other products, fertility related or not, is prohibited. Posting for the sole purpose of generating traffic to external sites (commercial or not) is also prohibited. Community members are asked to support and respect this vision and refrain from engaging in any kind of commercial activity, product, business or site promotion in the forums, whether or not it is related to fertility and pregnancy. In addition, members are asked to refrain from targeting this community and its members for research or conducting focus groups for any purpose - academic, commercial or otherwise.

    3. Links:
    Oh Baby assumes no responsibility for the content provided on any pages linked from the forums.

    4. Spamming or Attempts to Collect Personal Information and Email Addresses:
    Spamming (multiple posts, messages or private messages dealing with the promotion of a site, product or idea) is not tolerated. In addition, attempts to collect personal information from members (such as by asking for email addresses, posting an email address soliciting responses, posting phone numbers, etc.) is prohibited. In addition, "silent spamming"; (ie, including a link, text or image to promote a site, product or business in your signature or anywhere in your posts) is not permitted. If you choose to share your personal details with others Oh Baby assumes no responsibility for any unwanted actions against yourself.

    5. Activism:
    We ask users to refrain from activism on the Forums. The Forums are meant to be a peaceful community where everyone can exchange personal experiences without imposing their ideas on others.

    6. Language:
    This site is an English site, please keep all post in English. All foreign language post will be deleted.

    7. Impersonation:
    Members will not impersonate any person or entity, including, but not limited to, Oh Baby administrators, moderators, guides or hosts, or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with a person or entity.

    8. Accounts:
    Members may have one account. Multiple or second accounts will be closed without warning.

    9. Account sharing or others using your account with or without your permission:

    You are responsible for keeping your password and username private. Sharing your account, username and password with others is not permitted. Oh Baby assumes no responsibility for the use of your account by third parties.

    10. Objectionable material:
    Oh Baby aims to maintain a supportive, warm community. We aim to keep the Forums free from objectionable material and reserve the right to remove any such material. We are not, however, able to review every single message posted on the forums and are under no obligation to remove material that you may find objectionable.

    11. Member Disputes:

    You are solely responsible for your interactions with other Oh Baby members. Oh Baby aims to maintain a peaceful and supportive environment and reserves the right, but has no obligation, to monitor disputes between you and other members. Disputes can usually be avoided when members post with an awareness and respect for differing viewpoints and using a supportive, non-confrontational, non-judgemental tone.

    12. Miscellaneous:
    Oh Baby reserves the right to remove any content that is seen as un-supportive, confrontational, or judgmental.

    13. Enforcement:
    Failure to comply with the rules may result in the deletion of your content or the termination or suspension of your community access with or without warning at our sole discretion.

    14. Reporting Violations of any of these Terms:
    If you suspect a member is violating any of these terms, which are put in place to protect the integrity of this TTC community, please contact an administrator with the member's name and reason for the violation. Your identity will remain anonymous and will never be revealed to the offending member should disciplinary action take place.

    Oh Baby's moderators and administrators make all reasonable attempts to ensure that the above guidelines are followed to maintain the safety, support and integrity of this community and its members.
    By registering at Oh Baby, you automatically agree to our terms and are automatically subscribed to our news letters. These rules were put in place to protect all Oh Baby members.

    Oh Baby wishes you a pleasant stay here.

    Baby Dust to All
    Oh Baby

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