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    Hello :) New here! Empty Hello :) New here!

    Post by Arcana on Thu Dec 10, 2009 6:59 am

    Hi Smile My name is Agnieszka, im almost 30 and my husband is almost 36. We have a 10 years old Daugther and 7 years old son and TTC#3 starting January. I did start charting my temperatures and all that to have a good idea about my body and things when we start serious TTC Smile(Also i want to track my migraines and see what helps or makes it worse). The reason we're waiting untill Jan is that i spend every summer in Poland (where im from Smile ) and if we're lucky enough to get pregnant soon- i dont want to give birth on the plane on my way back or get stuck in Poland for that Laughing ((And believe me- i was there for my friend when she gave birth to her DD and the conditions were bad!)) It really kills me to just wait so long, especially since this decision was made 3 months ago... And you ladies know something about counting days, right? Laughing
    My English is weak, so i often find myself not writting much just because of that, but i think it might be time to start trying to communicate after 10 years in the USA.... Laughing

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