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Oh Baby is a new forum site that needs some members to help build its popularity. Oh baby is a website dedicated to women. Here you will find forums on trying to concieve, being pregnant and being a mom. Everyone is welcome!
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    Oh Baby will be open to viewers for awhile


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    Oh Baby will be open to viewers for awhile Empty Oh Baby will be open to viewers for awhile

    Post by gonnatry4#2 on Wed Dec 09, 2009 9:13 pm

    Hi Ladies

    Due to the fact that Oh Baby is new I have opened the forum to viewers. This means that people who are not registered can have a look around the site. They CANNOT post and CANNOT see any of your personal information. This is purely to allow potential members to join this forum.

    You can help Oh Baby by telling your friends about the forum.

    I will be closing the forum up and making it private once again after we have had 200 members join.

    Thanx for understanding,

    Baby Dust


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